Top 3 Infamous Jim Morrison Arrest

Top 3 Infamous Jim Morrison Arrest

Famous for music, creativity and being arrested

Jim Morrison was known for his music, which often went beyond the typical norm. He was also known as a man who liked to push his barriers. Sometimes pushing barriers would land Jim Morrison in jail, some of Jim Morrison’s run-ins with the law were mere result of a little too much partying yet others these three were more memorable and are considered as his top infamous arrest.

Jim Morrison’s most infamous arrest was his 1969 Miami Florida arrest. He was arrested for a felony count of lascivious behavior along with misdemeanor charges of public drunkenness, public exposure and public profanity. This was the arrest that had prevented the Doors from playing Woodstock. It has been portrayed many times that the other Doors band members never quite got over Jim’s role in costing them their Woodstock spot.

In 1967 Jim Morrison was arrested on stage in New Haven Connecticut for attempting to incite a riot. The arrest was portrayed in Oliver’s Stone’s The Doors and made the arresting officers appear like power abusing weak little men. It was the arrest that resulted from Jim Morrison tantalizing the police after an incident in a bathroom with Jim and a girl that ended with Jim being sprayed in the face with mace.

Jim Morrison’s 1963 arrest in Tallahassee Florida, though not as memorable as his Miami or New Haven arrest is certainly mentionable. This arrest was actually his first arrest, he was arrested for public drunkenness, resisting arrest, petty larceny and disturbing the peace. This Tallahassee arrest is a prime example of classic Jim Morrison. It began by Jim getting drunk and hackling football players and people in the audience at Florida State University. Before police could take him into custody he stole an umbrella and a police officer’s helmet, from inside a car window not off his head, which is too bad that would have made the entire event even more famous.