Should the Doors Change their Name?

Should the Doors Change their Name?

They should just profit off of themselves like other band members that suffered a similar fate

I know every Doors fan out there occasionally in the back of their mind question the ethics of the surviving Doors members. Mainly the fact Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger continue to profit under the Doors name. Do you think they should reinvent themselves?

After all, you don’t see other band members profiting under their previous name after a death. Many fellow band members of previous bands who were halted by the death of a member, especially the lead vocals which is the center point of any band go on to recreate themselves either under their name or by joining another band. So why is it then that these two members have always used the Doors name to gain fame and well let’s face it money?

I personally feel that it’s unethical. If they want to continue to play music then they need to create themselves in any way that they can. Leave the songs of Jim Morrison behind, By all means take the royalties, just stop at the royalties. If they want to go on tour they need to go on tour under their own names with their own songs.

It’s entirely possible that I’m being picky and tossing it into principle. Honestly though, how could I not be stuck on principle here. Through the years I’ve seen an interview here, I’ve read the unflattering and short Jim Morrison bio created by his other band members and the one thing that stands out in my mind is that animosity is still alive, which is fine I just think that it might be time for them to admit to their animosity, make money and stop profiting off of Jim Morrison.