Ray and Robby are about to Ruin the Doors Music Forever

Ray and Robby are about to Ruin the Doors Music Forever

They will start by turning LA Woman into Techno Garbage

Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger are at it again. What are they up to now? They are once again playing games and profiting off of Jim Morrison’s lyrics. Doors Drummer John Densmore doesn’t seem to approve, though we already saw that one coming.

So what exactly are they doing now? Let me tell you and then you be the judge. Ray and Robby are planning to take the old Doors songs that we all love and turn them into techno music. Ray has mentioned starting out with LA Woman and going from there. He has recently commented in an interview that he thinks Jim Morrison would approve and that he would in fact “love it”. I, like John Densmore disagree.

I can’t imagine Jim Morrison being like yeah definitely take my work and turn it into electric garbage. Jim Morrison prided himself on making his own style of music, in fact when the doors sold the use of their Light my Fire song to Buick Jim Morrison wasn’t happy and considered it to be a way of selling out. I am only one Jim Morrison fan, so I may be looking at this wrong.

Do you think that The Doors original songs should be turned into techno, or for that matter do you agree with Ray and Robby that Jim would Love it? I personally think it would ruin his music. I also think that if Jim Morrison were here he’d have a few choice words for Robby and Ray.