Jewelry Discoveries for Every Doors Fan

Jewelry Discoveries for Every Doors Fan

Some our rather interesting

When I finally sat down to consider just what I had to say about the Doors this week I thought back to my post on Doors inspired art and then became inspired to find Doors inspired jewelry. To my dismay, I found very little. Regardless, I have picked out some interesting pieces that I thought was worth mention.

For any Doors fan looking for an original piece of jewelry, these earrings should definitely do the trick. They are handmade onto bottle caps, though they don’t match as each bottle cap has a different image. Also they are 7 inches long, so that may be a problem, though you never know someone just may fall in love with them.


On ebay I was able to come across this more nostalgic piece. It’s a antique necklace pendent with a simple painting of Jim Morrison. One thing to mention though is that even though it says antique, it also says new with tags and maybe I’m just being skeptical, however I can’t help to think that someone would have opened it by now.


The most bizarre piece that I was able to find was also at Etsy. It’s a bracelet that has Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Brian Jones. It’s a little eerie in that it’s being called a forever 27 bracelet as in all of these musicians died at 27. Also it’s just a little loud for me, however I’m certain that there’s some fan out there that would see this bracelet as a treasure.