The Doors Jim Morrison

The Doors Jim Morrison

He sang with a rawness that was felt deep within the core


Jim Morrison though before my time is really one of the musicians that I really like. It’s sad that he met an early demise and that he wasn’t able to continue. His true music can be felt, not so much his commercial music.

I think his music was powerful especially during his time. Take for instance the song The End. That song is just moving and deep. I am unable to think of a single song before or after The end that had as much power.

Was it the time that he lived in that gave him the ability of deepness? That is definitely possible, he made music during a time that really can’t even be imagined or fully appreciated by generations that have come after him. His songs were poetic and raw.

That rawness is seldom heard in music though when it is, it’s remember long after the songs have faded. Jim Morrison’s songs are remember still, in fact they are even still played on radio stations and in movies. He made several albums during his short musical career and I can only pretend to imagine how many more albums would have been made had things been different for the Doors.

It wasn’t just the death of Jim Morrison that had made quieted their music. The Doors as group had faced tribulations. They had stopped performing as many other groups had due to a lack of tolerance for each other. It’s really too bad for they would have been destined for greatness.