Doors Inspired Art

Doors Inspired Art

Amazing artistic creations in memory of the Doors

The Doors produced songs of meaning in a time when America was evolving into a new musical sound, born of war, tragedy and death. Their music had ceased before it was time, their lead singer had passed in a tub of water in a Paris loft. As a result, this band has received numerous forms of tributes and artistic productions that are beyond amazing.

The Lizard King

The Lizard King is a vehicle that was created as a tribute to the Doors and became a masterpiece. To date it’s the most interesting and noticeable artistic works that can be seen. If Jim Morrison is somewhere looking down, I imagine this particle car that became a tribute makes him smile.


Fashion Designs

Numerous shirts are covered with the Doors images, however this shirt spotted on a Doors fan on the walk down to Jim Morrison’s grave site on the 40th anniversary of his death shows the detail and style that the creator put into this work of art. This shirt can be proudly worn by any true Doors fan, young and old alike. In fact I would gladly choose this shirt, if only I had the opportunity.


Venice Mural

Rip Cronk created a larger than life size mural as a tribute to Jim Morrison on the side of The Morrison’s Apartment. The Apartments was chosen as it was the same apartment building that Jim Morrison lived on the rooftop during 1965. To this day, tourists still find their way down to gaze upon this classic likeness of Jim Morrison.