Doors Featured in the RE:GENERATION Project

Doors Featured in the RE:GENERATION Project

Soundtrack is available for free download at documentary will be hitting theaters on February 16th

The RE:GENERATION project, featuring and mixing the music of the Doors is set for its first premiere release on February 16th. It’s a music documentary that takes the history of music and changes the way that it’s heard and played. It’s an experimental musical quest that’s been directed by Amir Bar-Lev.

The purpose of this documentary was to take 5 different styles of music and have those styles mixed into a new musical art. The documentary consist of 5 bands, 5 DJ’s and the story of this musical journey. You’ll get a chance to see music in the making like you’ve never seen it before.

The RE:GENERATION Project is only playing for 2 Thursday in a row, the 16th and 23rd of February.  To add to this already limited window of opportunity, it will only be played at select theaters. You can find out if you have a participating theater near you by visiting the ticket location website and simply inputting your city, address or zip code into the locator search bar.

 In the case that you won’t be able to see the RE:GENERATION Project documentary yet still want to hear the finished project you can get a free download of the soundtrack at this website, the download comes in a zipped file so you will need to unzip it. Either way whether you download the sound track or see the actual film it’s certain to be a new experience. The music itself is a vast compilation that intertwines various music styles that are normally not paired together.