Did Jim Morrison See the Future of America?

Did Jim Morrison See the Future of America?

What would he write today?


Jim Morrison long ago created an American Prayer. Listening to it today, it speaks of what life has become. How is it that he was somehow able to foresee the American life of today?


He speaks in The American Prayer of men of war being pushed to their death by “placid admirals.” Not unlike our plastic politicians of today who are fattening their wallets and feeding their greed with the blood of our soldiers. Nor is it unlike our lobbyist who feed off the life of our patriotic Americans without a single concern of the life that is forever lost.

Jim Morrison goes on to question whether or not we know “… that we are ruled by TV.” How could he have known back then that we would in fact be ruled by TV? People make consumer purchases based on the latest commercial that they viewed. We sway from one political issue to the next on the mere bases of what our television set just verbalized across our rooms.

What would he write today if he were here to see our demise? Jim Morrison the man who felt too much, the man who through his own existence developed an intense ultra-awareness that led to deep thought beyond his time. Could he even exist in this time of darkness, greed and lust, or would the truth of today slice his inner core beyond repair? Jim Morrison somehow saw our future fate, whether in whole, in pieces or a mere disturbing glimpse.